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LongShadow Productions, Inc.

​​​​​​Gary Duncan and LongShadow Productions, Inc. specialize in providing Contemporary, Exotic and Vintage Picture Cars, Stunt Car fabrication, Automotive Product Placement, Military Equipment, Modern and Vintage Aircraft and Marine Coordination for the Motion Picture Industry.

Gary Duncan’s career began in 1976 fabricating and maintaining Stunt Cars for “Smokey and the Bandit” and Dukes of Hazzard”. ​

In 1979 Gary begin designing, fabrication and driving Camera Insert Cars.  Currently Gary’s focus as a Picture Car Coordinator continues his involvement to accomplish you successful production.
Our Atlanta Georgia Facilities provide advanced Preparation, Fabrication and Modification as required for the Picture Cars.  Our Auto Transporters and Picture Car Mechanics with On-Set tool trucks complete the process for all Production requirements.

LongShadow Productions, Inc. is the South’s oldest and most reliable Picture Car Company spanning 40years of experience supplying the Motion Picture Industry on a local, national and global basis.

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